URL matching made easy


Creating a 301 migration plan for a site is critical to retaining positions in search engine result pages (SERPs) when you make big changes to any site.

It's a lot of work making sure all the old URLs are mapped to the new ones so they all 301 correctly.

Matching the URLs can take hours, day or even weeks.
(and it's amazingly boring)

Let Hound do the URL matching for you, super fast - and generate the 301 rules file for you too, whether it's for Apache (htaccess) or IIS (config).

Hound uses a collection of unique collection of URL matching and ranking algorithms to give you the best match results.


Hound has been optimised to ensure it can handle matching tens or even hundreds of thousands of URLs efficiently.


You can import URLs from a plan text file, CSV, Excel doc, Xenu export, ScreamingFrog export or even a Moz.com site crawl.

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Save time & effort

Let's explain a little bit more about Hound, URL matching and 301 migration plans.

How URLs are generated by a site can change due to site upgrades, technical changes or even a re-platform. If you're lucky, no URLs change. If you're unlucky, many change.

You can often use a few URL rewrite pattern-matching rules in your htaccess or web.config to dynamically 301 requests for old URLs to the new URLs.

For example, if the URL for our news section changes from '/news/' to '/blog/' you would use a simple pattern matching rule.

Quite often there are many unique URLs left over that you can't use a nice and tidy pattern matching rule - this means you have to manually match URLs - such as '/our-company-history/' to its new location of '/history/'.

There can be hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of these URLs to match.

Yeah, that.

I've built Hound to match URLs for you and generate a URL redirect file with 301 rules ready to go.

Simply import your URLs from a text file, spreadsheet, Xenu, ScreamingFrog or a Moz.com site crawl and let Hound do the heavy lifting.